Oil on canvas, 20 cm x 30 cm, Belgrade, 2015

The presented artworks are a part of a series of oil on canvas paintings created in 2015. These works express themselves by means of the language of pure artistry, rely only on solving formative issues and disregard motifs and objects to the utmost extent. By applying a solid, thick layer of a chosen colour, the strokes touch and permeate one another, thus creating an effect of solid structure that ‘floats’ on the canvas surface. As with the previous works, the white surface of the base is left unfilled and represents a part of the painting, thereby softening the overcrowdedness and saturation in each artwork. These works are characterised by a special atmosphere, positive pulsation, equanimity and spiritual harmony, by means of which a connection of rational and perceptive, concrete and intimate was found. The majority of the works are in small format (from 20 to 40 cm) and were created as part of a research and preparation for larger-scale paintings.


Oil on paper, 70 cm x 50 cm, Paris, France, 2014

This is series of artworks consisting of 70 oil on paper paintings created in the course of 2014. This series is a part of a research exploring the concepts of seriality and monochrome paintings, characterized by their geometric clarity, flat surfaces, the simplicity of design and the complexity of ideas. These predominantly monochrome paintings draw their inspiration from American abstract art, minimalism, and a group of color field artists including Ellsworth Kelly, Anne Truith, Lucio Fontana, Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman, etc. 

The paintings consist of major painted surfaces which ‘enter’ the format, yet never covering it entirely. On some of the paintings a web structure of vertical and horizontal lines appears, while asymmetrically balanced encounters of two colors can also be seen. The structure and color of the paper are also regarded as integral parts of the painting, which is the main reason for leaving some parts of the painting surface white. Even though painting surfaces are painted very freely, an impression of order and harmony is ever-present. This impression is specifically sustained by the white areas left around each colored surface. Colors are freed from their reference (non-referential), reduced to their essence which becomes their volume, form, space, and light, thus making the color a door to some other reality. All the artworks are of equal dimensions, 50 cm x 70 cm.


Acril on paper, 20 cm x 30 cm, Paris, France, 2013

This series of paintings created in 2013 is a part of a research and preparation for large-scale works. These free, abstract works with an obvious association with abstract expressionism exhibit personal emotions through the compositions of different coloured surfaces. Colours which were used were clean colours, directly from the tube spontaneously applied to the surface. In contrast to the previous series of artworks characterised by solid, clear, geometrically organised composition, these works represent a return to the fundamental issues of composition and colour as the main subject. This series of artworks was created using acrylic paint on a small format, 20 cm x 30 cm, and it was a part of the exhibition ‘Action ou Verite’, held at the NaMiMa Gallery in France in March 2015.


Oil on canvas, various dimensions, Belgrade, Serbia, 2010. - 2012.

While studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade my work was focused on exploring different approaches to the perception and conception of space and visual modes of representation of spatial relations. This opened the way for the establishment and further investigation of specific narratives, emotional and environmental quality. Furthermore, it opened the path to the ideological motives and for technical and technological experiments. All artworks from this period are oil on canvas paintings and they were created during 2010 and 2011.


Oil on canvas, 50 x 40cm 
Belgrade, 2011.